Only with us: 

Be a pilot for a day 
and fly in genuine

Lufthansa Full Flight

Fly like a professional pilot in immersive Full Flight Simulators that move and feel like real planes. The perfect choice for airline pilots, who train in them. Book your flight now or make a gift!

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Only with us: 

Be a Pilot for a Day 
and fly in genuine

Lufthansa Full Flight

Fly like a professional pilot
In immersive Full Flight Simulators that move and feel like real planes. So perfect that airline pilots train in them. Make a Christmas gift now and profit from Germany's reduced VAT in 2020.

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New Location in Zurich

We say "Welcome to Zurich!" - Effective immediately, we are offering unique full flight simulator experiences at the one-of-a-kind SWISS Lufthansa Aviation Training Center in Zurich, Switzerland! Book now on our Swiss website:
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Fulfil a dream:

1. Experience

Take off easily
Fly without previous knowledge
Incredibly realistic

As if you are in the air: Our full flight simulators are without comparison. They feel real, move like planes and equal the real planes’ cockpits to a dot.

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The perfect illusion:

2. Flight simulators

State of the art motion system
Multiple projectors and a 210° dome
Cockpits equal the real planes’ cockpits to a dot.

Flight simulators in a class of their own:
A motion system imitating every movement of the plane, perfect visuals and every button resembles the real function.

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Aeronautical perfection for you:

3. Our fares

Airline pilots are your mentors during the flight.
You will receive a comprehensive briefing and can select the airports of your dreams like New York, Madeira and others.

90 min
60 min
Flight time

30 min

Unrivaled experience: We invest in your perfect flight experience – for over 25 years. Because everlasting memories start with a perfect beginning.

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In Switzerland, Austria & Germany:

4. Throughout the DACH Region

Fly in the same training facilities where airline pilots receive their training and assessments – Lufthansa Aviation Training (LAT) centers.

Explore over 45 different flight simulators at one of the five LAT training centers located in Berlin, Essen, Frankfurt, Munich, and Vienna.

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Your joy is our motivation:

Feedback from our customers


»Eine tolle Erfahrung und super spannend mit briefing eine Stunde + Flug im Simulator und kurzer Nachbesprechung. Matthias Telgmann ist ein super engag...«


»Ein sehr schönes Erlebnis dass durch den Piloten Hr.Busch schön erklärt wurde, durch seine ruhige Art kam auch kein Stress auf. Das Fliegen wurde durc...«


»Wir durften am 26.2.22 einen großartigen Nachmittag erleben. Sehr kompetent wurden die wir vom sehr netten A380-Piloten Herrn Simon in die Welt des Fl...«


»Ich bin seit nunmehr 17 Jahren wiederholt Gast bei Proflight und habe für die Flüge in den Simulatoren der Lufthansa eine große Leidenschaft entwickel...«


»Sehr faszinierend, dass sich eine A380 mit nur kleinem Fingertippen letztlich recht deutlich in eine andere Richtung bewegen kann; das macht das Lande...«


»Es gibt Erlebnisse, die man einfach nicht vergisst. Dieses Erlebnis hatte ich auch mit Herrn Rühlicke. Es gibt Menschen, die Trifft man und verste...«


»Die Landungen haben geklappt. Der Flug in einem Full-Motion Simulator war für mich noch besser (intensiver und realistischer) als ich gedacht bzw. erw...«


»Es war (wieder) ein wunderbares Ereignis, einen Simulatorflug durchzuführen. Am meisten schätze ich, neben der professionellen Durchführung, dass man ...«


»Es war ein perfekter Simulatorflug, incl. Starts und Landungen auf verschiedenen Flughäfen. Selbst Landungen bei Schlechtwetter (Regen, Schnee, Seiten...«

Breathtaking experiences:

Fly Lufthansa Full Flight Simulators

Increase the thrust level, feel the soft pressure
of the jet engine pushing you into your seat,
and enjoy the tingling sensation during lift off!

You are in love with flying, with having prime views from up in the air, with seeing islands and mountains from above? Take the front seat and enjoy the prime views, feel the reaction of the plane to your touch and be the pilot. It’s possible with the incredibly realistic ProFlight Full Flight Simulators. Starting with the first second you will feel like you are really flying. The level D certified Full Flight simulators in Lufthansa Aviation Training (LAT) training centers create a perfect illusion. Sophisticated motion systems, video dome projections and clever computing are the backbone for the perfect representation of original flights. This perfection is highly important, as airline pilots are trained and tested with these high tech simulators. After this so-called “Zero Flight Time Training”, licensed pilots are certified to fly the real plane in commercial flights.

Simulators truly in a class of their own

Get access to the flight simulator in training centers in Berlin, Essen, Frankfurt, Munich und Vienna and enjoy the perfection of flight simulators that are truly in a class of their own. You are the pilot flying from takeoff to landing – without previous knowledge. For you to be able to pull the right lever and steer in a safe manner from the start, experienced airline pilots will mentor you all the way through your experience. By the way, you can select your aircraft type for every flight experience. Starting from short-range planes like the Boeing 737 or Canadair CRJ 900 models up to the megaliner Airbus A380 or the jumbojet Boeing B747-8.

Fulfil a dream:

Make a gift

Does a loved one, a valued customer
or a colleague dream of flying?

Fulfil this dream and make a ProFlight voucher the gift of your choice. Be the reason for large eyes and flushing cheeks upon receiving the ticket for a dream. Whether the giftee is young or old, most people dream of flying by themselves. And with celebrations like big anniversaries, events like graduations, or in honoring successful projects or accomplishments, there are many opportunities to show respect, love and the certain finesse of giving a gift that lasts forever: memories of dreams fulfilled. And having first experiences in aviation can be rewarding by itself - especially before big choices like choosing a career.

A flight experience true-to-life

Never before did flying - and not lifting off - feel this real. Our customers don’t need any previous knowledge and the receivers of your gift can choose from the full range of commercial airports. Within the selection are dream airports like New York, Madeira, Innsbruck, Quito and many more. And you have a choice between an immediate printout of your voucher and our premium vouchers sent to you by mail.

Every flight gets more exciting

Experienced ProFlight customers with a passion for full flight simulator flying or flight licenses for any aircraft can enjoy our special flight programs. Make our Advanced programs the gift of your choice for shorter briefings and longer flight times. Our professional airline pilots will be able to fulfil any special requests that their mentees might have that they can fly the exact flight maneuvers with our Full Flight Simulators. The aircraft type of choice can be used in one of our five training center locations. The well-known commuter flight, a special flight experience from dream holidays or the unique adventure of a new and previously unknown flight experience will be at hand within a perfectly simulated original cockpit.

Find your flight in our Full Flight Simulators:

Book your flight date now

You can now choose your personal flight time
using our online timetable with all booking options

Lufthansa Aviation Training uses it’s Full Flight Simulators for the training and testing of airline pilots. In the timeslots free of training usage you can book your flights. Depending on your fare, voucher and aircraft type, you can fly during the week as well as on weekends

Choose your flight up to six weeks in advance

Because of the primary usage of Lufthansa Aviation Trainings’ Full Flight Simulators for airline pilot training and testing, commercial airlines have priority in booking their simulator flight time. When the schedule for Lufthansa and many international airlines is set, we can offer the remaining flight time to you. This is possible up to six weeks in advance. During this time you can find your personal flight in any aircraft of your choice.

Book in comfort and to your specifications

The easiest way for your booking is via our online timetable. Get the information you need 24/7 and book anytime you like. For the booking you can use any existing voucher, upgrade it if you choose a different program, or book directly using any payment method. If you like to, you can contact our service team via mail or phone during our business hours from 9 AM till 5 PM, on business days from Monday till Friday.

ProFlight exclusively enables you to experience the perfect illusion of flying: Take a seat in one of over 45 flight simulators from Lufthansa Aviation Training and fly where usually only pilots of Lufthansa and other international airlines train. Book now!

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