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Fly Lufthansa Aviation Training's flight simulators in Berlin and take off in the capital city!

Fly the exclusive flight simulators of Lufthansa Aviation Training in Berlin, where normally only airline pilots are trained! Located in the southeast of the capital and in close proximity to the new Berlin airport, the Lufthansa Aviation Training Center Berlin offers world-class training conditions for cockpit crews from around the globe and currently a total of 13 full-flight simulators. This includes, among others, three simulators of the Boeing B737 NG (Next Generation), the modern version of the original 737. But if you prefer the classics, there is also a Boeing 737 CL (Classic) flight simulator available, a true classic!

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LAT Berlin

Fly where the professionals train: right next to Schönefeld and the BER is the training ground of Lufthansa Aviation Training

Lufthansa Aviation Training Operations Germany GmbH
Schützenstraße 10
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Flight Simulator Berlin

The best flight simulators in Berlin: the full flight simulators by Lufthansa Aviation Training in Berlin Schönefeld.

Experience the uniqueness of the  real Lufthansa Full Flight Simulators in Berlin firsthand – the ones that are usually only used for training airline pilots. Thanks to ProFlight, you can feel the perfect illusion and the movements of the flight simulators in Berlin yourself – almost as if you were really taking off. And the best part is: you don't need any prior knowledge, because before the flight, there will be a comprehensive briefing, where we'll explain everything you need to know – and of course, we'll accompany you into the flight simulator afterward. By the way: that's why the experience in our Flight Simulator Berlin is also a perfect gift! You can easily purchase a voucher for the Flight Simulator Berlin with us. Either for immediate self-printing or by mail in a chic gift folder!

By the way, the LATC in Berlin is the second-largest site of Lufthansa Aviation Training in Germany in terms of the number of flight simulators and the range of different aircraft types available. Accordingly, you can choose between short- and medium-haul flight simulators from both Airbus (Airbus A320) and Boeing (737CL and 737NG as well as the modern long-haul aircraft Boeing 777).