Flight Simulator Vienna:

Lift Off at Vienna Aviation Campus

Fly the shared flight simulators of Lufthansa Aviation Training and Austrian Airlines in Vienna. Only with us!

Located in close proximity to Austria's largest commercial airport, Vienna-Schwechat, are the Full Flight Simulators of the Vienna Aviation Campus, inaugurated in 2006 and state-of-the-art. This joint training center of Lufthansa Aviation Training and Austrian Airlines provides extensive and professional training opportunities for cockpit and cabin crews in its spacious, modern building, together with the safety and service center of Austrian Airlines, including three flight simulators.

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LATA Vienna

Right next to the metropolis of Vienna is the training ground of Lufthansa Aviation Training Austria at Vienna-Schwechat Airport

Lufthansa Aviation Training Austria GmbH
Austrian Airlines Base, OBJ.974
1300 Vienna Airport


Flight Simulator Vienna

Flying among the Alps: Take off and land at the world's most beautiful airports in the Vienna flight simulator – no prior knowledge required!

Vienna is a beautiful metropolis and has even more to offer: namely, the unique Lufthansa Full Flight Simulators, on which the pilots of Austrian Airlines and Lufthansa are trained. The flight simulators are located at the Vienna Aviation Campus, right next to Vienna-Schwechat Airport. Normally, access is exclusively reserved for pilots and instructors – but with ProFlight, you personally take off in this exclusive world of full flight simulators in Vienna! You don’t even need to have any prior knowledge: you will receive an extensive briefing from our pilots beforehand and they will accompany you in the flight simulator. That’s why our flight simulators in Vienna also make the perfect gift for your loved ones who have always wanted to fly themselves. You can easily order a suitable voucher from us for immediate print-out or in a pretty gift folder to give away. Have fun with it! 

By the way: the Vienna location specializes particularly in training for the Airbus A320 (short to medium haul). Accordingly, you fly here on up to three different Airbus A320 flight simulators. But don’t worry: you can still take off and land wherever you please…