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The rhythm of the gaps in the runways pavement, the acceleration during lift off and soft movements during flight maneuvers – you will feel every single detail. The concert of a perfectly calibrated motion system translating every input to authentic movement, high tech visuals and sound systems and a fully functional cockpit in which every button works like in the original plane make this possible. You really see, hear and feel every part of the flight in Level-D certified Full Flight Simulators.

Flight dates are available for information and booking up to six weeks in advance using our online calendar. Your turn is up once professional pilots conclude their training for the day and airlines don’t need the simulators in a timeslot.

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Pilots sense the movement of their planes very precisely. To achieve a perfect replication of real flight maneuvers that match these honed senses, both accelerations and g-forces must be simulated. Original cockpits from aircraft manufacturers are fixed to an electrohydraulic platform on levers, making it mobile in all directions. To overcome the natural limitations of an immobile but moving system, many tricks are used as well. To simulate starting pressures, the cockpit is reclined to fool the human balance system. And it works perfectly. Simulator crews feel the rush of acceleration. When decelerating this process is partly reversed. And this really feels like braking on a runway! At all times the movement has to fit the view out of the windows to a point. The perfection needed for this is extremely high and requires a perfect tuning of highly sensitive systems – all of this according to specifications fit for the best of the best: the airline pilots responsible for the industry that travels safest.

Spatial orientation is a key point in flight safety. Cockpit crews need to know at any point in time where obstacles, mountains or rolling hills are close to airports or even in certain flight situations. All this has to be independent from actual visibility. To train all possible situations, the visual system contains a wide spherical field of view, depicting the terrain in satellite quality. All relevant structures are represented accurately so that pilots have a feeling of recognition when approaching real-life airports and sceneries. Hong Kong’s old airport, situated in between skyscrapers, bridges and ships on an island, is a perfect example of the level of difficulty every simulator has to represent. And LATs Full Flight Simulators, flying the Level-D certification, are the best training simulators available on the market – trusted by all major global airlines.

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Every LAT flight simulator, and there are more than 45, has been certified by the Luftfahrt Bundesamt (LBA), Germany’s aviation authority, to JAR-FCL1A specifications and reached the highest level, Level-D. Only these simulators reach the specifications for airline pilot training. Every LAT Simulator is an exact duplicate of an existing plane within Lufthansa’s fleet and resembles this plane perfectly.

The Munich-based A320 Full Flight Simulator is an exact copy of Lufthansa’s Airbus A320 with the registration D-AIPA. The high quality and exact representation of real aviation flight is rigorously maintained and checked yearly by the LBA.

ProFlight offers the unique possibility to experience the perfect illusion of flight. Take your seat in one of more than 45 Full Flight Simulators used by Lufthansa Aviation Training and be the pilot where commercial airline pilots of many international airlines get their excellent training and testing. Make a gift now or book your personal flight.

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