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You are as much in love with flight simulators as we are? Welcome to our programs for passionate and professional simulator pilots.

ProFlight Advanced & Experts is our selection of fares for flight simulator pilots with a passion -  we are proud to greet you back as returning customers. Our fares „Advanced Team“, „Advanced Night“ and „Expert“ are tailored especially for you. With your knowledge being greater, we can shorten the briefing time - and the flight time takes a bigger part in the program. You can choose whether to fly by yourself or come as a team. Your instructing pilots will design special flight situations, routings and demanding maneuvering with you, according to your wishes and strengths.

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Everything According to Your Wishes


For passionate flight simulator pros:
Completely individual according to your wishes: weather, approach behavior, route, patterns, rerouting, duration etc.

Glorious sunshine or snowstorm? Crosswind or turbulence? New York or Hong Kong? With an Expert Flight, the dream of many experienced flight simulator pilots comes true, as the "Pilot Flying" you alone decide on weather conditions, destination airports, and flight duration – anything from 30 minutes to three hours is possible. You tell us your wishes, for example, which route, which approach procedure, whether you want to leave the engines running and dock the plane at the gate of the destination, whether an engine problem requires rerouting, or if you just want to fly patterns. Your ProFlight instructor conducts an individual briefing with you and supports you during the flight in the flight simulator whenever you wish. Expert Flight pilots also conclude the simulator flight with a brief review and the awarding of the flight certificate.

Prerequisite: several Basic/Advanced Flights or holder of a flight license (e.g., PPL)

Your personal contact
for discussing and booking Experts flights is:

Jens Katenkamp
Tel. +49 421 24133-21

Who Will Supervise Me?

The Instructors

Guided by Experience

Who better to convey the fascination of flying: All 80 ProFlight instructors are long-time, experienced, and for the most part active airline pilots. They have an average of several thousand hours of flight experience. This experience makes them particularly adept trainers – and in addition, a virtually inexhaustible source for exciting and authentic stories and anecdotes from the world of aviation.