From beginners to experts:

First Simulator Flight

You haven't ever seen a plane's cockpit from the inside, and have no idea where the main instruments are or what they are for? No worries - at all! Our professional Instructors will get you there in a perfectly balanced, interesting and concise briefing, and show you everything from the main instruments to the way, a plane glides majestically in the air.

Within your first minutes in the flight simulator you will be able to fly, to maneuvre and land the largest planes!

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What is Conveyed?

The Briefing

How can a 400-ton airplane take off from the ground, and why is flying considered the safest mode of transport in the world? How is a cockpit structured, and what are all those instruments for? All these exciting questions will be explained by our pilots in a detailed briefing. After a 90-minute briefing, you enter the cockpit of the Full Flight Simulator and know enough to give the right thrust, take off, steer, read the altitude, navigate, and even perform the landing approach – sometimes more, sometimes less successfully. By the way: If you already have prior knowledge and are flying in one of our advanced programs, our airline pilots can of course specifically address your wishes and go through further questions and flight maneuvers with you.

Who Will Supervise Me?

The Instructors

Guided by Experience

Who better to convey the fascination of flying: All 80 ProFlight instructors are long-time, experienced, and for the most part active airline pilots. They have an average of several thousand hours of flight experience. This experience makes them particularly adept trainers – and in addition, a virtually inexhaustible source for exciting and authentic stories and anecdotes from the world of aviation.