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Vienna Aviation Campus

In 2006 the Vienna Aviation Campus opened in close proximity to Austria's largest commercial airport, Vienna-Schwechat, as a joint training center of Lufthansa Aviation Training and Austrian Airlines. The spacious, modern building, coupled with the security and service center of Austrian Airlines provides comprehensive professional training opportunities for cockpit and cabin crews, including three full flight simulators.

In Vienna you can choose a short and medium haul aircraft, the Airbus A320. 

The first A320 was delivered in 1988 and was known as the first civilian aircraft to pioneer the revolutionary digital fly-by-wire control systems. Initially dismissed as the "Atari Plane," the majority of pilots were soon convinced of the need for automation in many of the monitoring functions. The Airbus A320 Family also includes two shorter A318 and A319 models and the long A321 version. All have a standard fuselage with six passenger seats per row and a center aisle.

Fly the Airbus A320 full flight simulator in Frankfurt, Munich, Essen, Berlin or Vienna.


Technical data:

Length 37,57 m Max. take-off weight 77.000 kg
Heigth 11,75 m Max. take-off thrust 2 x 118 kN
Wingspan 34,10 m Max. range 5.700 km
Fuselage diameter 3,96 m Max. landing weight 64.500 kg

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