Erlebnisflug im Simulator – heben Sie mit uns ab.
Erlebnisflug im Simulator – heben Sie mit uns ab.
Erlebnisflug im Simulator – heben Sie mit uns ab.

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Experience Reports

„Unlike any other simulator flight before.“

Read here what ProFlight clients think about their simulator flight.

Experience Reports Vienna

I had my experience in the A320 simulator (...), and I must say it was one of the most memorable experiences of my life.
I have flown many years as a passenger on most all the big planes (especially on Lufthansa) and have always imagined what it would be like in the cockpit.
Sadly for me, it took so many years before I realized how much I would enjoy being a pilot, and is probably to late for me now.
I travel to Wien from the states to celebrate the New Year each year and when I discovered ProFlight, and that I could fly in a real simulator with no experience,
I could not pass up this opportunity. (Plus my wife told me I should do it).
Mostly what I want to express is, the instructor, (...) was the best. He explained everything as thoroughly as possible and while in the simulator, he was very patient, and made the entire experience fun, enjoyable, and educational. Also, he was kind enough to drive us back to the city because we had arrived by taxi. It was amazing to me how realistic the simulator could be. We shall be back!
Again, Thank you (Danke Shon)!
Rory P. A320 Vienna 

Experience Reports Frankfurt

Incredibly realistic presentation of the animation. A great experience with trips to different places.

Cornelia B. B747 Frankfurt

Everything was very exciting and realistic..... this had excelled my expectations very much. e.g., I could select my 'favorite airport SFO'... this was crazy.... Many thanks for everything.
Dieter L. A380 Frankfurt

Now, with my landings it was not so great, however, I had a lot of fun. My special thanks to the kind pilot who has contributed quite substantially to the nice and relaxed atmosphere.
Werner S. A380 Frankfurt

It was absolutely realistic and very impressive. I had only one failed landing, everything else was satisfying thanks to the kind support of the instructor. For a beginner like me there was too much upon which I had to concentrate at the same time. Respect to all pilots! It is a pity, however, understandable, that such a simulator is so expensive. I would like to „fly“ more often.
Rudi W. B737 Frankfurt

Such a flight experience is an extraordinary experience which I can recommend to everybody 100%! Everybody who is insecure in flying in a plane gets all the answers he is looking for and after a few approaches you can even manage your first successful landing with an airbus!
Markus M. A320 Frankfurt

A completely coherent package with nothing to complain. Because of the exact and competent instructions of the very kind pilot every participant succeeded in take off and landing. It was a very great pleasure and will definately not be my last simulator flight.
Stefan W. A340 Frankfurt

The professional mood in the whole Lufthansa Aviation Training Center was very inspiring. You notice that it is real work for the other pilots and not only a "tourist attraction" but an important location for many pilots. I have liked it exceptionally well. Thank you very much!
Sven L, B747 Frankfurt

Experience Reports Munich

An absolutely great experience, I could not have made a distinction whether I sit in a real airplane, or in a simulator if I had not known it better, because the movements and the touch-down of the airplane were simulated so realistically. Really fantastic.
Tim S. A340 Munich

It was a great pleasure to fly with a pilot who has brought us with educational talent to the achievement potential. You notice immediately that he himself is an enthusiatic aviator. For such a nice experience time comes to an end too fast. I will certainly come again.
Hans R. A320 Munich

Dear Proflight team, many thanks for this experience! It was a great pleasure to me! It was really something special! What a pity, that I never had the idea of becoming a pilot earlier…. ;-) The simulator flight inspires to do some more. Keep at it!!
Silke W. A320 Munich

Experience Reports Berlin

The pilot has taken a lot of time and has answered all questions willingly at any time, very well! No unnecessary time for rolling manoeuvre on the ground wasted, also very well! The assistance of the pilot was very well adapted to the individual needs of every participant during the simulation. You definately notice that the pilot himself has instructor's experience.
Christian J. A320 Berlin

For me, the absolute greenhorn as "a pilot", the simulator flight was a fantastic thing. Particularly because of the instructor who communicated very empathetically with the untaught participants. Besides, I was surprised oft he realistic experience of flying. One can only recommend this experience.
Timm K. B737 Berlin

To sum it up,for me it was a really great experience which was a birthday present of my husband. I will never forget it. Your staff is absolutely great and has taken all fears and worries from me. It was a lot of fun. The instructor was really good. He has explained everything easily and understandably. Well, I thought landings are a a little easier, but this Boeing B777 is really a heavy airplane. But I would do it over and over again.... Many thanks for realizing such a great adventure.
Sylvia D. B777 Berlin

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