Part of an excellent crew:

Lufthansa Aviation Training

We are connected to a successful network in the world of aviation:
ProFlight is a preferred partner of Lufthansa Aviation Training (LAT). As the only LAT partner we can let you use their Full Flight Simulators without being pilots in training. This strong partnership with five excellent locations in Berlin, Essen, Frankfurt, Munich and Vienna exists for more than 25 years and makes ProFlight the European market leader for simulator flights in Full Flight Simulators.

Events in the world of aviation and space


Our sister company ProToura is Europe’s leading agency for events in the world of aviation and space. Together with our professional team at ProToura you can plan and organize memorable events that give your occasion a special touch. Locations as well as expertise from aviation and space professionals are a perfect basis for anything from company outings to spectacular events for press and public. You think of special events in a dimension that is unmatched by others – we will be your perfect partner.

A2B – Aviation to business


A2B is a joint endeavor by Lufthansa Aviation Training and ProToura. We have combined our competences to offer you unique business trainings, tailored for your success. A2B offers lectures by professional pilots, seminars and workshops or even whole training courses for companies and private individuals. We will design individual programs for thematic focuses in accordance with your needs. The central element behind all activities in our A2B-events is a thorough basis in the expertise and knowledge of aviation experts. Decades of experience in error-solving and lessons-learned processes have optimized the aviation sector to a perfection, so that the industry boasts a safety rate of 99.9999% - making it the safest mode of transportation in the world.

The whole world of flight simulation:

Our sister company offers another range of flight simulators to the general public. These are not Level-D certified professional Full Flight Simulators, but are specifically designed for leisure use and therefore more affordable. But we want to keep a level of excellency and provide the special touch for your flight experience. For this reason, all our leisure flight simulators are Original Cockpit Flight Simulators. Built from refurbished original cockpits that had years of service, we create simulators that contain every single part of the original cockpit, install high-quality audiovisual systems and the latest simulation technology in our simulators. In comparison to our competitors you will find that the level of perfection can be felt not only through the technology used, but also the real feeling of a cockpit that has every button where it is supposed to be, and touches and feels just like a plane at the airport does.

The joy of learning in flight:

Flight Kids also offers a range of programs for teenage pilots, called Flight Kids©. Building on a professional pedagogical curriculum, teenagers between 12 and 15 can enjoy a three day flight simulation course in Summer Schools, special events and the triennial Flight Kids© Academy. Based on the experience of flight, a range of sciences, technological and societal subjects related to professional aviation and teambuilding is covered.