The Boeing 737 was developed by U.S. manufacturer Boeing in cooperation with Deutsche Lufthansa AG. In 1968, Lufthansa was allowed to take over the first aircraft delivered from the assembly line. Due to its somewhat stout and compact appearance, it was known as "Bobby". The Boeing 737 has developed into the most successful jet aircraft family of all time. Initially designed only for short distances, today the latest generation of Boeing 737s fly as Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) non-stop even from Germany to Chicago or from Dubai to Austria.

Fly the Boeing 737 full flight simulator in Frankfurt (737 Classic) or Berlin (737 Classic and 737 NG)


Technical Data:

Length 33,41 m Max. take-off weight 56.470 kg
Height 11,13 m Max. take-off thrust 2 x 88,7 kN
Wingspan 28,88 m Max. range 4.180 km
Fuselage diameter 3,76 m Max. landing weight 51.710 kg
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