The Airbus A350 is a twin engine long-haul airplane of the European airplane manufacturer Airbus.
It is the airplane with the highest portion in coal fiber group materials in body and wing structure. The maiden flight took place on 14th of June, 2013.
With the A350-900 Lufthansa receives a very modern new entry in her fleet. The airplane offers place to 293 passengers.
It is the worldwide most modern and most ecological long-haul aircraft with 25 percent less kerosene consumption and it is substantially quieter during take off than comparable airplane types.

Fly the Airbus A350 exclusively in Munich.


Technical Data (on the Airbus A350-900 model):

Length 66,8 m Max. take-off weight 268.000 kg
Height 17,1 m Max. take-off thrust 2 x 375 kN
Wingspan 64,8 m Max. range 12.200 km
Fuselage diameter 5,96 m Max. landing weight 207.000 kg
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