The world’s largest commercial aircraft:

Airbus A380

Since April 2005, there is a new ruler in civil commercial aviation: The Airbus A380 transports up to 853 passengers and 20 crew members on two full passenger decks. The cockpit and systems are manufactured to the typical Airbus concept and standard. This high degree of community and similarity within the Airbus family means that pilots and maintenance technicians need less training time for this mega liner. Despite the enormous mass which is in motion, flying the A380 is amazing according to all A380 pilots so far.

Fly the Airbus A380 full flight simulator in Frankfurt.

Technical data (on the Airbus A380-600 model):

Length 72,30 m Max. take-off weight 560.000 kg
Height 24,10 m Max. take-off thrust 4 x 318 kN
Wingspan 79,80 m Max. range 15.000 km
Fuselage diameter 7,14 m x 8,40 m Max. landing weight 385.000 kg
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