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The rhythm of the floor joints when taxiing, the acceleration before take off, the gentle slope when making a curve: when you sit in a full flight simulator, you immediately feel the difference from other types of simulators. Only full flight simulators have a motion system which interprets each and every flight maneuver as an actual and authentic movement. High tech visual and sound systems also mimic different times of day, weather conditions and even the smallest details to accurately simulate reality. You will see rain drops on the cockpit windows and hear the screeching of tires during landing.

We exclusively give you the opportunity to experience this perfect illusion of flight: take a seat in one of the 46 full flight simulators from Lufthansa Aviation Training and fly where normally only trained pilots from Lufthansa and other international airlines fly.

You can choose between different aircraft types from short and medium haul, to long haul as well as the Airbus A380 megaliner.

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Fascinating high-tech systems: an exciting insight into the technology of full flight simulators.


A moving story: the development of the first flight simulators to the impressive high-tech systems of today.

LBA Certified

Highest standards: All simulators from Lufthansa Aviation Training serve to professionally train airline pilots and are approved by the German Federal Aviation Authority.
LBA Certified

Top quality: ProFlight experience flights take place exclusively in Level-D Full Flight Simulators from Lufthansa Aviation Training. They are certified by the German Federal Aviation Authority and replicate a real aircraft down to the last detail.

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