Frequently asked questions about ProFlight experience flights.


What requirements do I need for a flight in a full flight simulator?

You need to be over 16 years old, at least 1.60 meters tall and in good health. A certificate of airworthiness is not necessary. Previous knowledge of flying is also not necessary, you will find out everything you need to know for a successful simulator flight during the briefing.

How do I find an experience flight that is right for me?

This would first be based on your simulator experience, you can choose between the following levels Basic, Advanced and Expert. Then you choose your preferred location: Frankfurt, Munich, Berlin, or Vienna. Depending on your location, you can also choose between different short and medium haul aircrafts, long haul aircrafts and the Airbus A380 megaliner. Tip: If you want to fly a specific aircraft type, you should decide on this before deciding on a location because not all aircraft types are available at all locations.

How do I make an appointment for my simulator flight?

After booking your flight or receiving a gift certificate, please contact us. The appointment is based on your request and the schedule of the professional pilot school at Lufthansa Aviation Training. Experience shows that weekends have the most available free “slots”.

Can I book an experience flight with another company in a simulator at Lufthansa Aviation Training?

No – only directly through us and our carefully selected partners. The ProFlight GmbH is a joint subsidiary of Lufthansa Aviation Training and aerospace specialists PRO TOURA. We exclusively market the spare capacity of the flight simulators.

Are there cheaper simulator flights?

There are companies that offer outdated and / or immovable ("fixed based") simulators at cheaper prices. A full flight simulator is a giant leap from these older models in terms of the sensation the full-motion simulator gives and the various high-tech computer programs and systems it uses.

Can I bring friends to my experience flight?

With some experience flights, you have the option to book an additional observer. Or you can bring your friends as cockpit crew members during the (Advanced / team) experience. Of course, a gift certificate is always a good choice.

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