Flying with an exclusive experience progam:

Special Flights

Would you like to fly different aircraft types in the same day? Do you suffer from a fear of flying and would like to be given more background knowledge and be supervised by a specially training pilot before your next real flight? Or would you like to practically train situational awareness and leadership behavior during a leadership seminar? Whether for private purposes or for a business meeting, we have a special flight to suit your needs. The only requirement is that there is a minimum of three people.

Please get in touch with Captain (ret) Walter Drasl directly either via e-mail or by calling us at +49 (0) 421 -24 13 3-21.

Please contact us.

+49 (0)421 24 133-20

Basic Level:

The ideal offer for beginners. One hour flight, splitted betwen two or three members.

Advanced Level:

Special offers for experienced flight simulator pilots or possession of a pilot license (e.g. PPL)

Expert Level:

Well experienced simulator pilots or holder of pilot licenses can select different special and individual programs.

Jens Katenkamp Jens Katenkamp

Do you have any questions?

We are happy to assist you and feel free to call us at

+49 421 24 13 321