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Expert Level

Glorious sunshine or blowing snow? Side or head wind? New York or Hong Kong? With an expert flight, the dream of many experienced simulator pilots is fulfilled – because as “pilot flying” you decide on weather conditions, destination airport and flight duration – between 30 minutes and three hours, anything is possible. You tell us what you want, for example which route, which approach procedure, whether you’d like to keep the engines on and dock at the gate of your destination, if an engine problem requires you to be rerouted or if you simply want to fly a pattern. Your ProFlight instructor leads you through a customized briefing and supports you during the flight whenever you’d like. Expert flights are also accompanied by an airline pilot and conclude with a brief review of your flight as well as the presentation of your flight certificate.

Requirements: several Basic/Advanced flights or possession of a pilot license (e.g. PPL): 16 years

As the basic model, we offer an Expert Flight with 60 minutes of flying time. If you would prefer a longer or shorter flying time, please contact us.

Number of participants: max 3 (your own handpicked crew)
Briefing: on your request up to 45 minutes, you may consult the instructor prior the mission.
Simulator flight time on your request. Given example ist he price for 60 minutes :
Individuell debriefing up to 30 minutes


Short or medium haul aircrafts (Airbus A320, Boeing 737, Canadair Jet, Dash 8):

699 €*

Long haul aircrafts (Airbus A330, A340 and A350, Boeing 747-400, 747-800, 757/767, 777 and MD-11):

799 €*

Megaliner (Airbus A380):

999 €*

* Price based on 60 minutes

Your contact for Expert Flights bookings:
Jens Katenkamp
Tel. +49 421 24133-21

Please contact us.

+49 (0)421 24 133-20

Basic Level:

The ideal offer for beginners. One hour flight, splitted betwen two or three members.

Advanced Level:

Special offers for experienced flight simulator pilots or possession of a pilot license (e.g. PPL)


Jens Katenkamp Jens Katenkamp

Do you have any questions?

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