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Sie möchten gerne einen für Sie passenden Flug-Termin finden? Gerne suchen wir mit Ihnen gemeinsam nach einem passenden Termin und nehmen Ihre Buchung auf! Wir fliegen - je nach Tarif - 7 Tage die Woche, 24 Stunden die Woche. Einen Gutschein ohne Termin können Sie übrigens hier *unter diesem Link* direkt kaufen und sofort digital erhalten. Für eine Terminvergabe oder das kaufen eines Gutscheines mit Termin kontaktieren Sie uns bitte über das unten stehende Kontaktformular, oder klassisch via E-Mail und Telefon.

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Access the unique world of Lufthansa

Unique access to locations usually reserved for professionals:
The exclusive training centers and flight simulators of Lufthansa Aviation Training

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Incredibly realistic

Book your unique Full Flight Simulator experience now. The rhythm of the gaps in the runways pavement, the acceleration during lift off and soft movements during flight maneuvers – you will feel every single detail. The concert of a perfectly calibrated motion system translating every input to authentic movement, high tech visuals and sound systems and a fully functional cockpit in which every button works like in the original plane make this possible. You really see, hear and feel every part of the flight in Level-D certified Full Flight Simulators.

Flight dates are available for information and booking up to six weeks in advance using our online calendar. Your turn is up once professional pilots conclude their training for the day and airlines don’t need the simulators in a timeslot.

Anything unclear?

Frequently asked questions!


While we have to follow the rules of the lockdown, we can’t offer any simulator flight dates. In every lockdown our vouchers are prolonged by 6 months. Vouchers and bookings expiring Dec 2020 have 30.06.2021 as their new valid by date.
Apart from this all flight experiences can be booked and are undertaken in their usual manner. You will have to follow the rules of physical distancing and use a protective mask at all times on LATC grounds and during the experience. Regular sanitizing takes place.

We are Germany’s leading flight simulator experience operator and have well over 25 years of experience. We are also part of the diverse and securely positioned ProToura company group.
Being a family business, we are equally responsible to our customers and employees. As a preferred partner of Lufthansa and Lufthansa Aviation Training, we are fully able to fulfil all simulator bookings and vouchers.

As the exclusive partner of Lufthansa Aviation Training, ProFlight offers the unique possibility to access Full Flight Simulators. These are very exact and highly professional tools for pilots and airlines. This unequalled level of perfection means that pilots can do all of their training, testing and licensing using these simulators. No other competitor comes close to this experience. All ProFlight Simulator flights are also mentored by professional pilots and comprise comprehensive briefings.
Lufthansa Aviation Training’s Simulators have to reach the highest levels of realistic flight representation possible in order to fulfil the requirements of the most perfect pilot training in the world. Expansive motion, audio and visual systems provide for a fully immersive experience.
Yes! Our comprehensive but concise briefings and the professional mentoring by airline pilots will make you perfectly able to fly and even have safe landings. From every first flight to our most experienced customers, unforgettable experiences are guaranteed.
Yes. We offer almost 50 different simulators that are models of all the aircraft models used in European commercial flights. Whether you would like to fly the current models built by Boeing, Airbus, or Canadair Regional Jet, we will be able to provide you with the model requested. And for nostalgic customers and special interests, we offer models resembling the MD-11 and the Eurocopter 135 / 145 to perfection.
In the training centers of Lufthansa Aviation Training in Berlin, Essen, Frankfurt, Munich and Vienna.
For your first flight without previous knowledge, your best choice will be our Beginner packages. You can decide between the best priced “Start” fare, our “Plus” fare with 50% more flight time or the exclusive use of the flight experience. And if you want to come with up to three friends, our “Family and Friends” fare is yours to choose.
All beginners fares comprise a comprehensive but concise briefing, in which basic knowledge about aviation and flight is provided, and an introduction to the specific model you will fly in is given. Right after you will be ready for your flight!
You have a variety of options. The most direct and simple option is the selection of your flight date using our website calendar, in which you can see all available options. But you can also count on the friendly and competent service provided by your ProFlight team. Just send us an email or give us a call.
If you have experience in Full Flight Simulators or a pilot license, you can choose any of the “Advanced” programs. As a “Team” during the day or during a “Night”-flight, you have more concise briefings and many possible flight scenarios to choose from.
And if you want to fulfil a special flight dream, our “Expert” option with free parameters is yours to choose. We will create a special flight experience just for you.
This depends on your choice of face. Our beginners programs “Start” and “Plus” are better priced options, because you share the cockpit in a group of three or two respectively. The ProFlight Team pre-organizes flight dates and assembles the flight team for your flight.
In all other programs you have the choice to use the cockpit exclusively or together with your own team of pilots and/or observers.


You select your program or fare from our range, pick an amount for an unspecific voucher or design a flight using the simulator. You will then have a choice between a direct PDF version of your gift voucher that you can print out immediately, and our premium voucher that you will receive by mail. Giftees can then use the voucher to book a flight date.

If you would like to add something special like a surprise or organize a group date, you can contact your helpful ProFlight Team and a special package for you can be arranged.

By using the code on your voucher right here on our website. You can find available flights right afterwards and book them directly.

We will also be happy to connect you to your flight. Just give us a call or contact us via email, and your flight is only days away.
You are free to choose whether you receive your individual voucher as a digital printout or as a premium voucher via mail.
Usually until the end of the following year or for about two years. If circumstances like Corona lockdowns prevent us from flying with you, we will prolong all vouchers by an appropriate amount of time, usually 6 months.
Yes. If you did not book a flight date yet, you are free to choose any participant upon booking, if they are at least 16 years old.

If you have already booked and entered a participant, we still have a possibility to switch participants. Please contact us in this case. The same applies to observing participants as well.


We are sorry to say that this is not possible. Due to safety restrictions, no audiovisual recordings such as videos and photos are allowed during the flight. Our pilots will take a picture for you that will captue your flight experience.
Yes. Due to safety and insurance restrictions, participants have to be 16 years old.
As you will not really fly but enjoy flight at level zero, you will not have problems with air pressure, and security risks. The simulators also are comparatively easy to enter and use.
But the usability of Full Flight Simulators has individual factors based in the disability, and we have managed to fulfil the dreams of flight for a range of disabilities such as blindness or reduced mobility. Please feel free to contact us and we will most likely find a solution just for you.

In case of cancellations or rescheduling from your side our terms of trade are the basis for any proceedings. We know that it will not be your choice, but we might have to forward the cost of cancellation to you. The basic question is whether or not we still have time to change booked flights with LAT. We are also users of Lufthansa's services and are bound to contracts.

We recommend the purchase of suitable travel cancellation insurances. If you did not book any such insurance, the easiest option is to switch the participant to a friend or family member. Please contact us and we will try to find a good and fitting solution.

To get access to the security zone of the Lufthansa Aviation Training Centres, you have to use LAT’s website as per the instructions in your flight date booking email. You will find the exact procedure described in your email containing the CQ code creation link.
Please note: At the moment, LAT has renewed their website and the Firefox web browser might still create unforeseen problems. We hope this will be fixed in the near future.

Please check your emails and refer to the spam / junk - folders of your email program. If you can’t find the QR code anywhere, please contact your ProFlight Team via mail or give us a call.
Yes. Access to the security zone of all Lufthansa Aviation Training Centers is secured by verified accreditation using your ID documents. To access your ID data, LAT uses digital access information via QR codes. The process is similar to airport check-ins.

ProFlight offers the unique possibility to experience the perfect illusion of flight. Take your seat in one of more than 45 Full Flight Simulators used by Lufthansa Aviation Training and be the pilot where commercial airline pilots of many international airlines get their excellent training and testing. Make a gift now or book your personal flight.

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